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RBB 2011 art: At The Fair

Title: Tilt-A-Whirl
Author: [ profile] drvsilla
Artist: [ profile] sagetan
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Summary: Jared and Jensen hang out at the fair.

Prompt - At The Fair (click to enlarge)
at the fair

Sulking Jared (click to enlarge)
sulking jared

Notes: Thank you for being so wonderful and patient with me, [ profile] drvsilla <333 I could not have asked for a better author or a more lovely story. And many thanks to the awesome [ profile] spn_reversebang mods for running everything so smoothly! Now run, don't walk to read Dru's adorable fic here.

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\o/ :DDDD

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OH NO, WHY ARE YOU SO SAD, SULKING JARED? *pulls him into chest and strokes hair*

I loooved your prompt, and I love the new piece just as much! I think it's amongst the happier things I've seen from you (well, the first piece, not POOR SULKING JARED), and it warms my heart all over!! :DDDD


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Thank you! <333 Indeed, I was so disconcerted using all these cheerful pinks and yellows, I hardly knew what to do with myself :P

Mooooose :DDD

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aww sulking Jared.

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Aw, he gets a moment of angst before his HEA ;)

Thanks for commenting!

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Sulking Jared is adorable! Lovely work. :)

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Yay, thank you! <3

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I just love love LOVE your art and your drawing style!! ^^

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Aw, thank you so much! That is a lovely thing to say <333
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Ooooh, I love these: what a marvelous drawing style! Such lovely lines and colours. Ahw, sulking Jared looks almost devastated, poor thing. *pouts along with him*

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Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm very pleased you think so <3

And don't worry, Jared is seconds away from being very, very happy indeed :)

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I *love* your art--it's what drew me to the story! Poor sad Jared staring at the fish, oy! ♥

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Hee, thank you! That's delightful to hear :D
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omg sulking Jared! and the fish and the mooooooose! heeeee! lovely, lovely art! ♥

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Yes, this was all an elaborate ruse to draw silly animals :DDD Thank you so much!

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this art is absolutely adorable. i want to snuggle sulking jared and never let him leave. excellent job!

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Awww, your icon <3

And thank you, that is very kind of you to say! :DDD

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Ahhh that's the most beautiful picture, I love the composition and the J-Moo Moosalecki! You're so talented, I love your work to pieces.

I must tell you also, that my cat brought in a smallish rat (maybe a large mouse) again the other day. I thought it WAS DEAD. So I dragged the cat away, and locked him in the bathroom. Then I got a pizza box to pick up the corpse AND IT WAS ALIVE. It looked up all drowsily and I went "EEEEEEE" and shut the box and took it out to the park and let it go. Whereupon it ran away under a bush. It was very dramatic. And I thought about your artwork. <3

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Thank you so much, I'm super delighted you think so! <333 I enjoyed drawing J-Moo Moosealecki very much, he's half the reason I drew this prompt at all, haha.

And eeek, that sounds terrifying DDD: (It has happened to me with spiders before, and that is SCARY.) Much as I love rats and mice, I would not enjoy a zombie one in my house... I am very flattered you thought of my drawings, though I hope that didn't add to the trauma! ;)

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This is so lovely, beautiful colors and I love Jared's expression. :)

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Aw, thank you so much! :D


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Such beautiful artwork! I love how expressive your characters are, and all the little details you worked into your original prompt. I can see why dru was so inspired! :) ♥

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:DD Thank you! You say the nicest things <3 I couldn't resist giving the guys all the silly little fair things I love best, haha.

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Love the colors and style!!!!

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Thank you! :DDD

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These are just adorable and charming. The first is sweet and I really liked teh contrast of the background being graphic-like. It makes the figures pop. :) Jared's woefulness with the goldfish perfectly captured the moment and I like the heavier line work and the the little water reflection details with teh fish. :)

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Thank you for the lovely feedback! I really love hearing what details worked (or not!) for others, and I'm particularly pleased that you liked the reflections <33

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Congrats! You were recced by our team here ( at [ profile] crack_impala
Edited 2012-01-29 21:15 (UTC)

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Oh, that is delightful! Thank you :DDD

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oh that's so cute!

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Yay, thank you! :)