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spn_j2_bb: From Himself Can Fly, Master Post [Sam/Dean, R]

Fic title: From Himself Can Fly
Author name: [ profile] sagetan
Artist name: [ profile] culper355
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Word count: 21k
Warnings: AU loosely inspired by His Dark Materials. Temporary death, mind reading, interspecies UST (but all friskiness happens between adult, human-shaped beings).
Summary: Dean is twenty, ready to take on the world and make Dad proud. It's just him and the road and the hunt these days, and his grumpy late bloomer of a daemon. Okay, so Sam is still a wolfhound one minute and a corn snake the next, so what. They can worry about Sam finally settling into a permanent form after they've dealt with Dean's freaky new mind-reading powers. Now if only Sam would stop being so damn uncooperative. What's that dodgy fucker so worried about, anyway? It's not like he could possibly have anything to hide from Dean.

Part I | Part II | Amazing Art


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Congratulations my friend!! We made it XD

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Haha, yes! Go us! Whew, that was stressful... Thank you for being awesome <333

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Thank you for being JUST as awesome!!

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I can't wait to read this, it's in my insta-paper account :D

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Ack! I hope you end up liking it okay :D

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Oh! I don't know when I'll get to read this - I just keep bookmarking more and more things and getting further behind! though this will be high on the list - but I do look forward to it. HDM crossovers are rare but it's such an intriguing mix of worlds. :D

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I know exactly what you mean, I have piles and piles of fic bookmarked that I never have time to get through! I'm a big fan of HDM crossovers myself, I never get tired of them. I really hope you end up liking this okay if/when you get around to it! :)

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This just... ! It hit me in a personal way. I had a dozen things to do Sunday afternoon and they weren't getting done because I couldn't stop reading, holding my breath in spots, urging the characters in whispers! There was never a lull in the story, I just kept wanting MORE. And the ending...! It was perfect. Thank you for writing this, I absolutely loved every single line. And the art, the *beautiful* art, matched the flow of the story. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Thank you so so much! This is an unbelievably kind comment, it made me grin for three minutes straight after reading it. :D I'm so happy you liked it; it's a little nerve-wracking to post a story for SPN after ages of lurking but lovely comments like yours make it worthwhile <333 And I'm so incredibly happy with the art [ profile] culper355 made, I'm delighted you enjoyed it too!

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Actually, I couldn't stop thinking about it last night! I love the idea of Sam as Dean's daemon, and especially the idea of someone secretly in love with someone else - and especially again, that you told this story from Dean's POV so we know how Dean feels without him classifying it as "in love" and see how fast he puts things together when the truth is revealed, AND how that makes the focus of the story the actual story rather than Sam's angst. Does that make sense? LOL

I love the way you use words. I just... want to frame every single sentence. And hug you really tight. :)

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Secret pining is one of my absolute favourite tropes in fic, I couldn't not include it, hee. And I totally understand what you mean, if this story were from Sam's POV it'd just be endless angsty feeeeelings with no time for plot, haha! Dean's love for Sam just is, he doesn't over-analyze it too much and it takes him some time to figure things out, both feelings and plot, so it's infinitely more convenient for storytelling :)

Eeep, thank you so much! It's especially lovely to hear that from someone whose fic I devoured, I'm so flattered *___* I would hug you back extra tight, you are so wonderful! <333

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Wow, beautiful story! Love love loved it!

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Thank you! I'm so happy you did :D

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I came to this story via tryfanstone's rec (who never fails at striking gold regarding awesome SPN stories, both in her own writing and in others' writing), but just wanted to say that I loved this story. I know not a thing about HDM, but you still made this story accessible despite my ignorance. I was intrigued by the idea of daemons, and of Sam as Dean's daemon, and I love how Sam was still easily recognizable even as a glowering eagle or a sulky fox in bed (ahem, I mean that literally, which is just one of the joys of this particular story). You make the connection between Sam and Dean so visceral, that I could nearly feel the ache whenever Sam deliberately pulled away from Dean physically or closed his mind of to him, or that punch in the gut surprise when Dean saw Sam in his human form for the first time. I love how the love and fear between Sam and Dean very clearly shone on the page, and that we ultimately got a happy ending. Anyway, I just loved this. You have a lovely writing style and sense of the SPN characters. And I loved Castiel as the raven, because of COURSE he'd be a raven. =) Thanks so much for sharing this with us! ♥

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Tryfanstone's writing is super amazing, and her rec was such an honour. And now I get this utterly lovely comment! Thank you, thank you, you totally made my day :D It's a relief to hear the story made sense even if you're not familiar with HDM, and that Sam still came across as Sam-ish. I'm so glad their relationship and the emotional bits worked for you! I couldn't not write a happy ending for them after all that, haha! Seriously, thank you for the amazing feedback, what a delight it was to read this comment! <333333

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Hey by any chance you have and ETA on when editing will be done? I really, really, REALLY, would loove to read this!
Please and thank yous!!

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Hey by any chance you have and ETA on when editing will be done? I really, really, REALLY, would loove to read this!
Please and thank yous!!

[identity profile] 2015-06-17 01:59 am (UTC)(link)
Hi! I'm really sorry, but I don't think I'll have much time to work on this in the foreseeable future. I think the story is honestly a little bit of a mess right now, but I don't mind sending you a copy if you really want to read it. No worries if not, and I'll definitely let you know if I ever do get around to cleaning this up! :)

[identity profile] 2015-06-23 07:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Ohhh, I would love a copy! :D I don't mind if the story is a mess, from what I've heard it was still really good. Thank you so much!

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If you're still comfortable sharing this story, I would love a copy. I've been searching for ages :o)

I understand if you've changed your mind about not sharing though.