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SDMB 2012 art: losing a star without a sky [Sam/Dean, PG]

Title: Losing a star without a sky
Author: [ profile] glovered
Artist: [ profile] sagetan
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam and Dean investigate a series of small town murders. Meanwhile, they haven't been the most successful when it comes to interpersonal communication, so Sam tries other tactics.



clickable banner



Incriminating evidence


(everything clickable to see original size)

Notes: [ profile] glovered is pretty much one of my all-time favourite fic writers, so I am super super honoured that I got to draw things for her [ profile] samdean_otp story. YOU ARE AMAAAAZING and utterly lovely and alarmingly talented, and I'm so glad I got to work with you on this! ♥♥♥♥

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These are lovely! I love the way you color things, and that you leave the sketch lines so that they bleed through the pigment XD There wee faces in "Damsel" are adorable, and so emotive, and Sam!antha is beautiful and giggleworthy a the same time. I will definitely have to read this story, I also enjoy this author :) Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you so much! :DDD And haha, beautiful and giggleworthy are perfect descriptors for crossdressing Sam, so glad you think so! [ profile] glovered is seriously great, I love her writing a lot.


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I love your art!!! They are all stunning, and there is something so intimate and caring about Dean's expression in the second photo that I can't take my eyes off of!

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Thank you, thank you! ♥♥ That scene was my favourite in the fic, I just love Dean fussing over Sam, haha.

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This art is so wonderful. [ profile] glovered was getting me all excited for this fic this weekend at Wincon and now this art has managed to make me EVEN MORE EXCITED. It just looks like such a perfect match to the crackiness and SO WONDERFUL IN THAT IT HAS THAT RARE HAPPINESS THAT WINCEST CAN SO OFTEN USE MORE OF. I mean...JUST LOOK AT DEAN HOLDING SAMMY'S HURT WITTLE FOOT. *_____________*

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Yay, thank you so much! :D Yessss, cracky and happy wincest is what I rely on [ profile] glovered for, so glad the pictures reflect that a bit! SAM'S HURT WITTLE FOOT, YES. MY FAVOURITE SCENE. <33

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I AM DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOUR ART ESPECIALLY BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE PICTURE OF SAM. AAAAAH I AM DYING THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. I mean just look at his petulant expression. That is exactly how I'd imagined it, seriously. And Dean wrapping Sam's ankle :] And the cupcakes on the plate all ominous-like. <3 <3 <3 Thank you so, so much. I'm glad we finally got to collaborate! You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I AM SURPRISED BUT DEEPLY PLEASED AT YOUR COMMENT POPPING UP AT THIS TIME. Thank you thank you, I am so happy we got to work together too, you are lovely and I am super in love with your writing. I know how tough it's been what with the universe conspiring against you recently but yay we did it! Thanks for being so wonderful to work with. <33333

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Surprised? Yeah I bet you were!! Seriously, I have always been a fan of your art and we've been flisties foreva, so it is only fitting that I would one day trick you into arting my fic. <3 <3 The pleasure is all miiine.

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Awww, these are so very lovely!

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Thank you! So glad you think so :D

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Lovely art! Perfectly compliments the fic. I really love the banner.

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I love hearing that the art matches the fic, it's definitely what I was aiming for, thank you! :)

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Oh man, these are all so gorgeous! Crossdressed!Sam is abs adorable. ♥

(ETA: I just sneaked a look at your profile and omgggg, I was just writing a Little Prince reference into a fic today! *loves happy coincidences*)
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Thank you! I had loads of fun drawing crossdressing Sam, very glad you like it <33

The Little Prince! I have boundless love for that book :DDD

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Great art!

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Thank you! :D

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I really love these! Sam's eyebrows are a thing of beauty, particularly in the banner. In fact, his face overall in the banner is just brilliant - his features are so full of expression and movement. And despite his innocent facade, the blue teeth do not liiie! We all know what he's been doing (/attempting vainly). :D I really like how you've done his various noses as well, with such personality. The details in Damsel are also great, especially Dean's mouth, which seems very appropriate, considering how much you end up thinking about it through Sam's eyes in the story! While Sam's eyebrows and nose and general expression in the last one continue to be amazing, my favourite thing somehow ended up being the way you've done the creases in the paper!

I assume you also did the wee cupcake dividers for the fic? For some reason, they really appeal to me - the shading on the icing! The pleasing balance of the shape... :)

(Randomly: having only joined the SPN fandom around three months ago, I broke my trend of silence by commenting on your fic and a post of [ profile] glovered's, so it was quite amazing to see that you had collaborated not long afterwards :)

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Thank you so much! Your comment totally made my day, I really enjoy hearing what bits people like. I am super delighted you like Sam's eyebrows/teeth/nose, I have a lot of love for his face in general and am always happy to get it somewhat right! And I did indeed do the cupcake dividers, I'm so happy to hear you like them! I can't take credit for the idea, it was [ profile] glovered's, but I'm happy with how they came out :) Thank you for the lovely comment <33

(Haha, that is a fun coincidence. I'm super flattered you delurked for my stuff, and welcome to the fandom! Hope you've been having fun :D And [ profile] glovered is one of my very favourite writers, I had so much fun collaborating with her on this!)
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OK I thought I would sneak a peek before I read the story so I don't know the context - which makes pic #3 quite an eye opener! :D - but anyway I love Sam's face in #1, really captures the essence of his features, and then in #2 omg that just says to me I LOST MY SHOE!!! (from Bad Day at Black Rock) which is my favourite ever puppy!Sam moment. So, heh. <3

I think Samantha there REALLY has Sam's eyes... Really well drawn.

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Haha, surprise!crossdressing is the best :D I'm especially delighted that #2 made you think of the lost-my-shoe incident, that is also one of my absolute favourite Sam moments.Thank you so much for the lovely comment! <333