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sagetan ([personal profile] sagetan) wrote2012-12-27 02:18 am

arty things

A couple bits and bobs I drew at some point somewhere:

The Viking Ship, G, Jared and Jensen being clever goofballs in their dorm
(For the wonderful fic [ profile] drvsilla wrote, December 12 2011)

Superior Wooing, G, for the prompt Cas makes Sam a sandwich because from what he learnt from the internet that's how one shows affection to a male
(For the Sassiest Comment Fic/Art Meme at [ profile] sassy_minibang, May 12 2012)

Hot Tea, G, Sam and Dean share warmth and blankets and hot tea
(For the lovely [ profile] de_nugis who was having a tough time, November 20 2012)

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