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gen/ruby 2.0 teensy bang!!


You guys, I am ridiculous amounts of excited for this. Come play! ♥♥

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Man, I love the art that you did for this! It's exciting to see the return of your cupcakes :D I'm excited by the posts made on the writers' sign-up so far (Genevieve/Misha had not occurred to me! And Gen/Sam is most intriguing...), and some of the prompts are seriously great. I am tentatively considering signing up as an artist :)

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I'm so happy you like the art, yay! I had lots of fun drawing it :) And ahaaha at the cupcakes, they do appear to be a thing for me now, I didn't even realize! I'm honestly super psyched for every single pairing brought up there, I think Gen might be my RPS girl bicycle. I really hope you do sign up, it'll be awesome! I'd love to see art from you :DDD

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Gen/Sam lead me on to pondering... has Gen/Ruby been put up as an actual pairing as well as the Bang title? o.o But yes, I too seem to be totally happy with her getting with whoever she fancies haha, despite having decided after my sole foray into Gen/Adrianne that Adrianne can never stray. I find it interesting to see which half of a pairing I can read with other people - do you have a similiar thing? I'm really excited about the idea of doing art in this fandom, but unsure where to first take the plunge! We shall see. I was really happy to see that you'd signed up as a writer :D

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Aaah, Gen/Ruby! I haven't seen it, but would very much love to. *__* I'm like that too for some pairings, though usually I don't mind. I ship Sam with pretty much everyone, but Dean only with Sam. Probably it has to do with character preferences, I am a big unabashed Samgirl, haha! I find him fascinating with Cas, Kevin, Jody, Jess... I can't wait to see what you draw, I'm sure it will be marvelous! (I peeked at your art tag a bit, your art is lovely!) I'm very excited to write my story, though my ideas are still very nebulous :)

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I suggested Gen/Ruby in the prompts post, just in case it inspires someone who hadn't thought of the pairing before :D I can see it working well as art more than fic maybe... Hahah, yes, I am totally with you on Sam/everyone :D Especially Sam/everyone-in-the-one-fic, with Dean eventually saying, "hey, pick me this time, man >(" I've never read Sam/Kevin, and am intrigued! Do you happen to have any recs? I'll have an explore in any case :) (Gahaha, I am embarrassed but pleased, thank you!)

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Sam/everyone-in-the-one-fic, with Dean eventually saying, "hey, pick me this time, man >("
Aaah that is the best, I would gobble it up! *____*

I love [ profile] dachinchilla's Sam/Kevin fics, I just re-read them all the other day. Here's a link ([sort_column]=revised_at&work_search[relationship_ids][]=496196&work_search[other_tag_names]=&work_search[query]=&work_search[language_id]=&work_search[complete]=0&fandom_id=27&pseud_id=Annie+D&user_id=scaramouche). Hope you like :)

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Sadly, I have not yet found that pefect fic, but I live in hope! The closest thing I have saved is
An Unmade Bed (or five guys Sam fucked before Dean) ( by [ profile] fourfreedoms: "A story of Samuel Winchester’s Gay Sexual History, and how Dean, a minor but important character, became a hero in the final chapter."

Thanks for the link! I have read two of them so far, and like them indeed :D Kevin is ridiculously endearing!

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I just finished reading that story and aaaaah it's eleven kinds of fantastic! It definitely scratched my itch for Sam/hot-people with Dean eventually going "pick me Sam pick meee". Thanks for the rec, I enjoyed it enormously :D

(Although hilariously I didn't realize that the other dudes weren't made up OMCs until Duke popped up after James Franco's cameo XD)

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Whee, I'm really glad you liked it! It prompted me to re-read it, and I had forgotten how good it is :D I suppose I'm partially holding out for the particular combination of Sam/Jess, Sam/Jo, and Sam/Castiel leading to Sam/"pick meeee"!Dean...

(Ha, I am quite happy to see that I was not alone in this!)