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genteensybang art: Flukes [Jared/Gen, PG]

Title: Flukes
Author: [ profile] ghostyouknow27
Artist: [ profile] sagetan
Pairing: Jared/Gen
Rating: PG for art, NC-17 for fic
Summary: Gen loves Jared. Jared loves Gen. She's not quite sure how to have sex with him, seeing as how he's a merman and all, but how different could he possibly be?
Link to fic: HERE!

Flukes title

Flukes art

Notes: Art for [ profile] ghostyouknow27's wonderful fic Flukes! I love this verse so much, it single-handedly turned me into a Genevieve fangirl, Jared/Gen shipper, and were-sea creature enthusiast. I'm super pleased I got to draw for it. All the thanks to [ profile] ghostyouknow27 and the mods for being awesome! :)

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YOU DOING ART FOR THIS STORY. ♥_______________________________♥

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oh my god this is the most gorgeous thing. *_* I love Jared's tail and Genevieve's wet hair and t-shirt/bikini combo and THEIR FACES sdgfksh this is glorious and I want to stare at it for hours.

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Thank you so much, I am super delighted you liked it, yay! Gen's wet hair was a lot of fun to draw :D

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Oh, wow, this is BEAUTIFUL!

Their expressions, that lovely, awesomely translucent water, Jared's tail . . . (And may I say how much I utterly love the fact that you gave Jared a mammalian sea creature's tail rather than the "fish" tail mermaids are usually drawn with? GO YOU!!)

Also, there's just . . . something . . . about Gen's wet hair dangling down. Gorgeous art, just gorgeous! Bravo!

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Thank you so much for the lovely feedback! <33

Although I can't take credit for Jared's mammalian tail, that's all [ profile] ghostyouknow27! I agree it's a really cool take on mermaids too.

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Awwwwww! I'm so pleased I managed to convert you. :DDDDD

I cannot tell you how much I adore this piece. CANNOT. I love the colors, for one, and the way you have the blue reflected through their skin tones, especially the little horizontal branches across their arms. (If you ever do a coloring tutorial, I'd be there with bells on.) There's this general translucence through the whole thing, with the green-glass water and Gen's cover-shirt and the open sky and the blue of their veins (looking at Jared's hand especially). It perfectly captures the feeling you get out on a boat.

And, omg, their FACES. I cannot stop with their faces. Jared's delighted, tender expression, and the way he's just touching his fingertips to her skin, and Gen's leaning toward him but not quite looking at him, like she's turning just a little inward in that moment, because she's just that affected, and that little smile of hers! I can feel her love and yearning just lifting off my computer screen.

There are so many other details, too, like the sweet little curl of hair at the end of Gen's braid and the pink on her hands and THEIR NOSES and the way you've done Gen's cheekbones and chin and it's all so wonderful. I couldn't love it more. <3

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Please only use your powers of conversion for good :P

I'm so happy you like it, I had a blast illustrating your story! Faces are one of my favourite things to draw, I'm so pleased you liked the expressions. I really love Jared's sweet bouncy characterization (which partly hides less happy things, but still) and how that plays off Gen's more reserved nature, so it was fun to incorporate that a bit in the art too. These two make my heart melt, I think it exacerbated my tendency to draw schmoopy things, hahah.

Thank you so much, for the lovely comment and for writing such a wonderful story! ♥♥

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The palette is GORGEOUS. And the design, so clean and understated. And then there's their lovely expressions!

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I think the start of summer where I am definitely influenced my choice of colours, haha! Thank you so so much :D

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I love Jared's face in this <3

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Thank you! It was a lot of fun to draw, I'm so glad you like it! :D

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This is so lovely. I love the naked affection on Jared's face and how her eyes are closed and how gentle/content her smile is. I love the way he's barely touching her and the bikini/shirt combo and the texture of the clouds and his tail and the font of the title. The way they're leaning so captures their yearning as well as their inevitable separation, and their love just shines through in their faces. Gah, so gorgeous!!

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Thank youuu! What lovely things to hear <3 The bikini/shirt combo was one of the first things I thought of, because I am shallow :P

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Omgggg, this is just ~breathtaking. They both look beautiful. GEN'S BRAID IS THE PRETTIEST. ♥

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I have a thing for braids, I love drawing them, haha. Thank you so much! <33