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laundry day with the winchesters

Some art inspired by the Jared and Jensen NerdHQ panel at SDCC, gifted to the lovely [ profile] deirdre_c on the occasion of her birthday :)

Pose references credited to Senshistock on DA:
Sam's pose | Dean's pose

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Lovely! They look so relaxed, the way Dean's sitting sideways, and the drape of Sam's arm.

Much though I love the batcave, I also like to think about how Sam and Dean probably have some homey routines and sense of attachment to the kinds of transient, liminal spaces they deal with.

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Thank you! :D

I'd like to think they do too, and laundromats especially are probably one of the more domestic and low-stress of the transient spaces they frequent. I really want an episode of them just doing laundry and washing the car and shopping for socks and salt, haha.

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Oh but I adore mundania, played against the macabre! There's ONE laundry scene that I can recall, after they found one of Carver Edlund's books, that still makes me grin so this ... THIS ... is the cat's pajamas. So cute!

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Thank you, I'm so glad you like it! And I adore that laundromat scene too, I love seeing them being domestic and dealing with boring everyday stuff :D

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Ah, cute domesticity. I love it! And what I wouldn't give to walk into that laundromat >:D

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Thank you! And hahaa, I bet business booms for that laundromat while they're there :P

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I love their hands and Sam's toes! And Dean's little belly!

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Yay, thank you so much! And hee, I am delighted you like Dean's little belly :)

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Ha, I love it! Perfect depiction, and Dean's little belly is adorable lol

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Thank you! :D Dean's little belly is the star of this piece, yes it is.

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Awww, this is adorable! *_*

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Thank you, I'm so pleased you think so! <33

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Aww, I love how Sam's lips are quirked in a little smile and how relaxed he looks, and I like the bit of tummy hanging over Dean's boxers.

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I'm so glad you like it, thank you! :D These guys sorely need more relaxation in their lives, I think.