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Art: Galahad (Sam, PG)

Sam as Sir Galahad. (Or as Jensen might say, just a traveler searching for purity.)

(Clickable for bigger.)

This is a radical departure from my usual drawing methods and I learned buttloads while working on it. I think I'm happy with it but I sorta can't tell at this point, I've been staring at it for way too long. Anyway, hope you guys like it :)

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Absolutely gorgeous. I love the use of light and shadow (I'm sure there's a technical term lol). Poor boy looks so angsty, needs some love haha

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Thank you! No no, Sam needs more angst in his life, he's so pretty when he suffers :P

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Ooh, that's really nifty. I especially like the blood on his lips and the bags under his eyes. You captured his illness/exhaustion perfectly. *iz sad now*

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Thank you! :) The blood on his lips took awhile to get right so I'm extra happy you like it! <3

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Oh, he looks so woeful and earnest! My heart.

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Poor Sam, he can never catch a break. Thank you so much! :)

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Fantastic!! So haunted and weary, poor dear. I love so many little things, the excellent rendering of the folds of his clothes and cloak, the muted reds of cross and blood, his half-open hand. WONDERFUL!

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Thank you so much! <33 I love whumping Sam, I'm a bad person, haaha.

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I love basically everything about this - the emotion, the soft shadows and folds of cloth, his hair...just great!

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Thank you! :D I'm so happy the emotion comes through, that's delightful to hear <3

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Oh man, babe. This is just so gorgeous and sad. I love how you captured Sam's struggle to be cure and such a perfect parallel to that knight Sammy wanted to be. I was going to mention how different this looked from your usual style, and then I saw your note at the bottom, haha. I love that you push yourself to try new things and leave your comfort zone. I love your usual style so much--it's seriously one of my favorite ones in fandom!--but you created something really beautiful here by venturing out. SO TALENTED, HOW DO YOU WORK? *picks up and shakes*

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CHERIE ;____; You are so kind, thank you so so much. Sam's admission about feeling unclean was one of my favourite parts of s8, it was so deliciously sad, I had to draw it. I wanted to try my hand at more realism because I thought my drawings were too cartoony, so it's super happy-making to hear you like my usual style too, thank yoouuuuu! YOU ARE THE LOVELIEST <33333

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So gorgeous. ♥

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Thank you so much! :DDD

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That's really lovely, with the light and the blood and the feeling in it. It has sort of a Victorian feel to it -- it's funny, because I have occasionally amused myself with parallels between Sam and the hero of The Heir of Redclyffe (floppy hair, dark destiny, anger issues, dog person, associated with Galahad), which was a huge bestseller in its 19th century day.

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Thank you! :) I must confess I've never read any Victorian novels but based off what I've learned by osmosis, I think Sam would make a splendid Victorian hero what with all the wan self-sacrificial blood-coughing and whatnot, heee.

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So beautiful!

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Thank you! ♥ ♥
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Ah, wow, it's gorgeous! The light is so lovely <3. And oh my god, his face, that is some intense emotion there. Wonderfully done!

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I'm really happy to hear the emotion comes through, thank you so much! :)