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2014-02-17 10:44 pm

Genteensybang needs artists!


Artists, the teensiest bang of them all needs you guys!
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2014-01-27 04:30 am

RBB 2014 art: Morning After [Kevin]

Title: Morning After
Characters: Kevin
Rating: PG
Fic: The Inside Man by the talented [ profile] balder12

Morning After | RBB art, PG )
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2013-11-22 07:33 pm

art: fandomaid #1 for [ profile] eosrose [Sam/Cas, PG]

[ profile] fandomaid art for the generous [ profile] eosrose, who requested a cover for a Sam/Cas podfic she's working on.

Sam/Cas, PG for shirtlessness )
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2013-08-12 08:34 pm
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Art: Galahad (Sam, PG)

Sam as Sir Galahad. (Or as Jensen might say, just a traveler searching for purity.)

Galahad | PG for some blood )
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2013-07-26 06:16 pm
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laundry day with the winchesters

Some art inspired by the Jared and Jensen NerdHQ panel at SDCC, gifted to the lovely [ profile] deirdre_c on the occasion of her birthday :)

Sam and Dean in their undies playing cards in a laundromat | PG for shirtlessness  )
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2013-05-06 07:00 am

genteensybang: Burial with Bell Pulls, Master Post [Jared/Gen, PG-13]

Title: Burial with Bell Pulls
Author: [ profile] sagetan
Artist: [ profile] quickreaver
Fandom: SPN RPF
Pairing(s): Jared/Gen
Word count: 8k
Rating: PG-13
Contents: Violence, zombies
Summary: The zombie apocalypse has come and gone. Civilization has crumbled, humanity has been decimated, and roving bands of survivors and roving bands of revenants alike spend their days skirmishing and looking for food. Jared's a guy with a baseball bat, a duffel full of canned food, and a sunny disposition. Gen's the girl with an arsenal and a rickety souped-up car who barters him a ride in exchange for toothpaste. Together, they fight zombies and go on a road trip to the sea.

Gorgeous Brilliant Art Masterpost | AO3

Burial with Bell Pulls )
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2013-05-03 07:10 am

genteensybang art: Flukes [Jared/Gen, PG]

Title: Flukes
Author: [ profile] ghostyouknow27
Artist: [ profile] sagetan
Pairing: Jared/Gen
Rating: PG for art, NC-17 for fic
Summary: Gen loves Jared. Jared loves Gen. She's not quite sure how to have sex with him, seeing as how he's a merman and all, but how different could he possibly be?
Link to fic: HERE!

Flukes title

Flukes | genteensybang art, PG )
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2013-05-01 05:14 pm

genteensybang art: Silent Night [Ruby & Bela, PG]

Title: Silent Night
Author: [ profile] gryfndor_godess
Artist: [ profile] sagetan
Pairing: Ruby & Bela, various
Rating: PG for art, R for fic
Summary: Babysitting Dean and Bela’s brat after they went to Hell was so never in Ruby’s plan, but with them out of the pit now, efforts to free Lucifer are finally back on track, if a few months behind schedule. There are still occasional blips, though, like the boys deciding to batten down the hatches on little Mary Winchester’s half-birthday. Fortunately, while Sam and Dean wallow in their paranoia that history’s going to repeat itself, Ruby and Bela have each other, not to mention lots of wine.
Link to fic: HERE!

Silent Night | genteensybang art, PG )
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2013-02-05 01:33 am

yet another art dump

Some goofy things I drew a while back. All SPN, various characters and pairings, all SFW except the last one, which is not super racy anyhow.

Sam is a robo airplane )

Bears!RPF )

Sam is a tiny useless kitty (Dean doesn't mind) )

Cas is a unicorn (Sam never stopped believing) )

My feelings about Sassy, by sagetan, age 20 )

Sam makes out with tongue )
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2013-01-01 08:15 pm

gen/ruby 2.0 teensy bang!!


You guys, I am ridiculous amounts of excited for this. Come play! ♥♥
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2012-12-27 03:26 am
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Master list of fannish things!

All Supernatural, all the time. Oldest at top, newest at bottom.

Art )

Fic )
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2012-12-27 02:18 am

arty things

A couple bits and bobs I drew at some point somewhere:

The Viking Ship, G, Jared and Jensen being clever goofballs in their dorm
(For the wonderful fic [ profile] drvsilla wrote, December 12 2011)

Superior Wooing, G, for the prompt Cas makes Sam a sandwich because from what he learnt from the internet that's how one shows affection to a male
(For the Sassiest Comment Fic/Art Meme at [ profile] sassy_minibang, May 12 2012)

Hot Tea, G, Sam and Dean share warmth and blankets and hot tea
(For the lovely [ profile] de_nugis who was having a tough time, November 20 2012)
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2012-12-27 01:26 am

spn-j2-xmas 2012 art: the mighty impalunicorn

Title: The Mighty Impalunicorn
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG for dubcon crossdressing

impalunicorn preview

the mighty impalunicorn | spn-j2-xmas art, PG for dubcon crossdressing )
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2012-10-23 11:21 pm
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SDMB 2012 art: losing a star without a sky [Sam/Dean, PG]

Title: Losing a star without a sky
Author: [ profile] glovered
Artist: [ profile] sagetan
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam and Dean investigate a series of small town murders. Meanwhile, they haven't been the most successful when it comes to interpersonal communication, so Sam tries other tactics.


Losing a star without a sky | SDMB art, PG )
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2012-08-08 09:36 am

spn_j2_bb: From Himself Can Fly, Master Post [Sam/Dean, R]

Fic title: From Himself Can Fly
Author name: [ profile] sagetan
Artist name: [ profile] culper355
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Word count: 21k
Warnings: AU loosely inspired by His Dark Materials. Temporary death, mind reading, interspecies UST (but all friskiness happens between adult, human-shaped beings).
Summary: Dean is twenty, ready to take on the world and make Dad proud. It's just him and the road and the hunt these days, and his grumpy late bloomer of a daemon. Okay, so Sam is still a wolfhound one minute and a corn snake the next, so what. They can worry about Sam finally settling into a permanent form after they've dealt with Dean's freaky new mind-reading powers. Now if only Sam would stop being so damn uncooperative. What's that dodgy fucker so worried about, anyway? It's not like he could possibly have anything to hide from Dean.

Part I | Part II | Amazing Art


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2012-05-14 01:56 pm
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spn_cinema art: Orphans [A Series of Unfortunate Events]

Title: Orphans
Artist: [ profile] sagetan
Movie Prompt: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Notes: Mods, thank you for running one of my favourite challenges! ♥

orphans preview

Orphans )
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2011-12-09 10:12 am

RBB 2011 art: At The Fair

Title: Tilt-A-Whirl
Author: [ profile] drvsilla
Artist: [ profile] sagetan
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Summary: Jared and Jensen hang out at the fair.

RBB art, PG ).